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Disappearing Entries

[Eddie Izzard, “Glorious”]

I had a big ass post written at work. I know I pushed the post button before I left. But it doesn’t appear to have posted. So that sucks. Hopefully no one will fuck with my computers over the weekend and I’ll post it on Monday. I babbled about alot of stuff that was on my mind there. Oh well. We’ll see what happens.

Other then that not much really going on here. I have a Math test at 7 tonight. So I have to go study for that here soon. I figure I’ll start about 4, that’ll give me two hours to study, cause I have a class at 6 that I have to go to. Grrr to teachers that schedule tests during my class time. The fucker should die. I’ve complained at him every time, and he’s like. Well you’ll just have to miss that class, and I’m like, well classes come above tests. Well at least in my book. You shouldn’t have to miss one class for another classes test, just because the prof refuses to give a makeup test. Asshole.

I also need to get my paper done this week/end. I dunno. I’ll work on it some this weekend. But I know I won’t actually get much of it done. We’ll see what happens.

I didn’t get to see Adam at all yesterday and that made me really sad. :'( Hopefully I’ll get to talk to him tonight. After my test.

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