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Cancelled Class

So this morning I woke up in a really good mood cause I watched QaF last night, and got a good nights sleep. I headed off to class, got all the freaking way over to Food Sciences, and found out that class was cancelled. Well I was to lazy to walk back to my dorm room, so I sat in Curitss and read the news paper and wrote the intro to my paper. I thought it was pretty good. After that I slept for about an hour or so. It was good times.

After I spet for a while, I went to class. Soc was damn boring this morning. I don’t even remember what all we talked about. So yeah. I have to start studying shit here soon. Like mad studying. But whatever.

Adam’s feeling better now, which is a really good thing. He said he’s going to try and go to school tomorrow. I just hope that I don’t come down with what he has, I can’t afford to miss any work or school. So yeah. If I get sick, he’s in trouble. lol.

Ok, not much really going on. Vero gave me Civ III and I’m burning it right now. I’ve heard it’s a really fun game and every since Civ II I’ve wanted to buy it. But I’ve just never cared enough to spend the money. I’m out now to fix the firewall on Linux. Laters all.

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