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Work and Poems

Last night I was laying in bed, just thinking about things, and I came up with like 3 really good poems. Of course, now I can’t remember them. I should get a laptop, so I can just sit in bed and write them down. Oh well. Maybe I’ll remember them laters.

Not much is really going on here. I’m at work, installing Redhat 7.2 and looking into RAID’s. I dunno if we should go with a Software RAID or a hardware RAID. Vermont crashed over the weekend and now Nazanin is finally taking backup’s seriously. We had EDNT and LINUX backing up Vermont, so we were dafe, but now Mike came in Monday and fucked up EDNT cause he’s a twat and now it’s not backing up at all. The Ass. He shouldn’t be allowed to touch my computers ever again.

Ok, well I’m off to do some more work, laters.

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