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So What’d You do?

So, Chris… What’d you do today? Umm, well I went over to Adam’s and layed on his couch all day. Yep, that’s what I did all day long. But ya know what. It was the best day in the world. Not for Adam, unfortunetly, but for me I had a great time. Just laying there with talking to, caring for the person that I love, who’s sick. We just talked all day, watched TV. Did nothing. It was so great. I mean, it’s little things like this that I like, little things like that this that makes me want to be his boyfriend more then just his friend. But it was still a great time. I just hope that he gets better soon. I hate seeing him sick.

Well, since that’s all I did, that’s all I’m going to update about. Laters all.

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