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Oct 8, 2001 #2

Oct 8, #2 [Enigma, "The Voice Of Enigma]

Ok, so now that I’m in a semi-non emotional break down state. I’ll talk.

So this weekend was Big Gay Porn weekend for those of you that didn’t know.

Since Adam’s not old enough to buy porn he couldn’t go in, well I wanted

him to go in and help pick it out, so we called up my cousin Steven who

lives just down the road, cause well he has blonde haid and everything.

So he came over and let us borrow his ID, it was funny. We told him we were

going to go Clubbing. It was so funny he was giving us tips as to how not

to get caught and everything. He’s cool. So we went and bought porn, that

was quite the experience. The guy that checked us out, didn’t just check

us out, but flirted like mad with us, and he was all nasty and old and shit.


On Sunday Abbie and Adam’s grandma came over, that was amusing times, they

asked what Adam’s rainbow sticker that was wierd and akward times there.

Angel called today, that was good times. Well what prompted her to call

wasn’t. I pretty much had a huge emotional break down today. And I needed

someone to talk to, so I called her and left a message. I’m sure that about

all she could make out was sobs, so she called back and we talked a little

bit. By the time she call though I was a bit better and really didn’t want

to talk about it again cause I would have just had another crazy emotional

breakdown. I also talked to Matt again today, that was funny.

Speaking of Matt, today’s his b-day, so yesterday Adam and I called him

and wished him Happy B-day. That was really funny cause he didn’t know who

we were, funny times there.

Bed times, this past weekend Adam and I slept together, not "slept"

together, we just slept in the same bed. That was really nice, but you know

back when he, Angel, and I slept together he cudled with her, and not me.

This weekend, he slept with his back to me. That hurt my feelings in a way.

I know that our relationship is over as bf’s but I mean still. His touch

just makes me happy…..

Alright, so I’m talking to him now, and he’s just pissing me off. I’m going

to go. . .

I’ll eventually get this weekends post up.

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