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Oct 8, 2001

Oct 8, [Enya, "Lazy Days"]

Gwar to alot of things right now. I have a shit load of HW to get done,

and I started it, but I just can’t do it. It’s not that I’ve got better

things to do, it’s that I just can’t do it. I can’t think, I can’t concentrate

on it. I’m supposed to be anylizing ad’s in magazines and I’ve got a bunch

here that I thought would be easy to do. Boy was I wrong. I can’t find things

about them, I can’t anylize them. This paper is due on Friday and I just

can’t think of how to write it, or what to really write about. I’ve got

one Brita water filter ad that I thought would be really cool to use, but

I can’t get it to work out right. The second things to Gwar at is that if

I plug my computer into my hub, it doesn’t work on the network. I don’t

know what’s wrong with it the damn thing. It was working fine, and then

I went to set up the internet on my Linux box which was also plugged into

the hub, and now it won’t work at all. I disconnected my Linux box from

the hub, I moved ports, I tried everything and it doesn’t work. I don’t

know what the problem is. I get a connection to the LAN, but I can’t anything

else. Fucking A. I want internet on my Linux Box. I want another monitor

on my Linux box as well. But I won’t get that, so what the hell. Third Gwar

is to alot of other things in my life.

Classes this morning were odd. I went to them, they all talked, I left.

I’m so fucking lost in my math class that it’s not even funny. I just don’t

know how things in there work, and he’s like, "It’s so simple I don’t

understand why you don’t understand" Gwar at him too. And then I e-mailed

him and asked if he was going to curve the test, and he replied back, "I

am not sure I know what you want. What is curved grade?" I’m like,

what the hell? Fucker. Gwar at him again cause he deserves it.

I hate being away from Adam, we’ve been down this road before, you all

know what I’m going to say, but I’m going to say it again. I love him, damnit

and being away from him just makes it all worse off. I try thinking about

the good times, and that I get to see him on the weekends, but then I always

think that OMG, the weekend is so far away. I just want to be able to hug

him everynight before I leave, I want to see him, just talking to him isn’t

enough for me. I want to be near him, I long for his touch, for his voice,

I need his jokes, I need him to be around me. I don’t want to live like

this for the next 3 years. I don’t want to be so far from him for the next

three, three years. Three fucking years. Three years before even the chance

that then I’ll get to see him everyday. Three long years before the chance

of us moving to Arizona, which even those plans lately seem to be on rocky


I forget where I found this from,

but I was amused at least. I’m worth exactly: $1,611,730.00

The other night Adam tried calling Ryan and well he called the wrong Ryan,

and we found out that the Drag Ryan (I’d put her name here, but I can’ spell

it) hasn’t lived at her house for like forever, so that’s odd. But then

we called the right Ryan, and he said that he was going out already, but

that we’d see him downtown. Well we did see him, but it was really acward,


So Firday I went searching out a KVM switch, I wanted and needed one. So

I went to Comp USA cause they have everything. They had them, but I was

specifically looking for a LynkSys ProConnect 4 Port KVM Switch, they didn’t

have any, the only ones they had were like $200. I was like, shit I’m not

spending that much on one. So I went to Best Buy, they didn’t have any.

Then I went to Radio Shack and they didn’t have any either, so whatever.

I left.

Grrrrr. He just doesn’t understand.

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