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Sept 17, 2001

Sept 17, [Jean Michele Jarre, "Oxygene Part IV"]

Today’s been shitty as hell. I don’t really know why. It just has been.

I haven’t really cared about anything and I haven’t paid attention to any

of my classes. Like this morning I just went to English and I sat there

not paying attention, the stupid bitch called on me and I was like, "Hmmm,

what?" Everyone laughed at me. I just wanted to scream at them. I’ve

got better things on my mind. I’ve got all these pictures of Angie here

now and it just reminds me about how much I miss her and how much I miss

this summer and everything that’s happened this summer. It’s just realy

not helping. I know everything that happened this summer was so great and

that i’m sure it’ll happen again this next summer, but that’s just so far

away. Adam just made a really great quote: "I know, pictures can be

great, and they can be shitty. On one hand they bring back memories, on

the other hand they bring back memories, right?" And it’s so true.

It really is.

Adam and I are getting along so well and things are moving along in our

relationship as friends, we’re so close now and he cheers me up so much,

we’ve had so many great memories. And I know that in the future we’ll have

so many more, I know that in the furture. I’ll have so many more great memories

of all my friends.

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