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Sept 17, 2001 #2

Sept 17 #2, [Bjork, "In The Musicals"]

So two funny stories. First, a while back my English Prof came in and wrote

"FANBOYS" in HUGE letters on the black board. I wanted to just

burst out laughing, but I held it back. It was great.

Second, today my math prof came in and wrote on the board, "Reveiw

Unit 2 (or 1)." I was like, what the hell. It was just amusing. We

were so totally lost in there today. He was doing all this shit with Matricies,

which are easy, but there’s just so many steps and shit, it gets confusing

and he was going though them so fast, he was like, "it’s east really,

you won’t need a calculator for the test." And I was like, "Yeah,

easy for a mathmaticion (sp)." This test on Thursday’s going to hard

cause of the formulas that we have to memorize, but we’ll see. I’m going

to Math SI on Wed.

That’s all folks. (In an Elmer Fudish voice (I think that’s the name of

the guy that says that on the things (I stand corrected, it’s Porky Pig)))

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