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Sept 18, 2001

Sept 18, [David Bowie, "Space Oddity"]

Today’s been one long fucking day. I left here this mornig at 7:30 and

didn’t get back tell 7:30 tonight. Grrr. I’m so tired. Not much has really

happened today except classes. I found out that I have two tests on Thursday,

one in Econ and one in Math. Both are at the same time and niether Professor

allows make-ups. I talked to my Econ prof since I just found out about the

test today, and he said that he couldn’t do make up’s because the test is

during our class time. I e-mailed the Prof for Math, we’ll see what he says.

I have a lot of studying to do for both those classes. Plus I’ve got an

Acct Quiz Thursday morning. So that’s going to suck. I just don’t have the

motivation to do anything with this stuff though.

I saw Julian this morning, it was cool to talk to him. I was on my way

out and he was on his way in, so I gave him a ride in the general direction

of his class. It was amusing.

Work was work. I got things working. People were happy. I told them to

spend more money.

I’m damn tired. I’m going to bed here soon.

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