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July 28, 2001 #2

July 28, #2 [Savage Garden, "Tears Of Pearl"]

Well today so far hasn’t been to good. Yeah, Adam came over and got me

about 11:30 or so this morning and we went to Ames to get his ear pierced,

of course I had to get mine done too, so we did that. I now have another

earring. But yeah, then we went out and just did random things, we went

shopping and such. It hasn’t been a good day though cause, well, it’s hard

to explain. I love being around Adam cause he’s so funny and great to be

around, but at the same time, I hate bieng around him cause all those feelings

come back. And it’s hard for me to deal with them. Today I was just being

a total jerk, and I regret that. But that’s the way I was dealing with those

emotions today. Like last night I delt with them by bieng all flirty and

giddy, and today I’m just dealing with them by being a jerk. It sucks, I

know, and it’s a bad way to do it.

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