My Life

July 7, 2001

july 7,[cherry poppin’ daddies, "ding-dong daddy"] ok well tonight’s

and today have just been complete opposites, but overall today has been sooooooooo

great. ok well this morning i

was in my room laying on the floor playing with my cat, my dad comes bursting

into my room and yells at me "get those damn magazines out of here so

andy can’t find them" and i said to him "well teach him not to search

through other peoples things and he won’t find them" and my dad said,

"well that’s not the problem" and i just wanted to scream at him

that that was the problem. and that my being gay isn’t the problem. they don’t

go to my brother and tell him he has to get rid of all the mags that he has

that have heterosexual things, cause what if i find them, i might get ideas

and all you know. but yeah, he ended with saying "if you don’t take care

of them i will" which means he’ll throw them away. i hid them under my

bed, they should be safe there. so yeah, bad vibes from my parents today.

this afternoon though i went out swimming and mandy showed up at my house,

she wanted me to come into work and i was like, well why the hell doesn’t

the manager come in and work, she’s the one that has to cover if someone doesn’t

show up. but mandy kept being persistant and i was like, well she caught me

in the pool. so it’s not like i can lie to her and say i’m busy. and she was

acting like it was damn busy there and they needed the help desperately. so

i got out, went inside to dress and while i was dressing my grandma got here,

so i talked to her a bit. and such. then i went to work, i get there and there’s

three employees standing there doing nothing and i was like, ok please tell

me it’s just a lule and it’s been really busy today. and they were like no,

it’s been like this all day and i was like, god damnit, why the fuck did you

come and get my from my house on my day off when you had enough people already

fucking working. damnit. grrr. i was just pissed about that. but i got 13

hours of over time now, so i guess that’s okey. then after work i called adam

and he came over and went swimming. we talked, it was good times. then we

came in and watched a movie. my mom was still up when we started the movie.

and adam and i were sitting very close and holding hands, so yeah i would

hope that she knows that we are a couple. hehe. then she left and by the end

of the movie i was laying in adam’s lap and he had his hand on my chest. it

was soooooo great. i was like in heaven. i was soooooo happy. i really like

adam. i do 🙂 it’s like yeah, the first time someone’s ever touched me like

that, you know, someone that likes me, and yeah. ok ya know, now that i know

that he’s going to read this, i feel as though i can’t relaly write it here. i dunno, it’s wierd, i’m still going to write my feelings here, but it’s wierd

knowing that he knows what i’m thinking, i dunno. i’m leaving before i dig

an even bigger hole, night all

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