My Life

July 6, 2001

july 6 [van halen, "can’t stop lovin’ you"] ok well tonight’s been

really cool. i went and hung out with jules and adam all day, we went and

did random things. yeah it was cool, then we came back to my house and spent

the time doing random journal things for adam, installing win2k on jules computer,

and yeah, just things. i have pictures of adam now, but i told him i wouldn’t

put those up for the public yet, cause he wants to do some touch up on them,

i think he’s cute in them, but he doesn’t like them, but then who does like

thier own pictures? so yeah. that was all good times. then adam and i talked

for a bit about this person that’s been e-mailing me and shit, and yeah. that

was good too. i really want to spend some time with just him, so we can talk

about stuff and like where we want to go with things, and also just to learn

about him, i don’t feel as though i really know him, but then i don’t and

i’d like some time to just get to know him. i’ve been kinda pushing him to

just like spend the night at my house and stuff cause i find people really

open up when they sleep out, have you ever had that, where you sleep in a

tent and you just really open up to the person you’re there with. yeah i know

that you’re all giving me strange looks, but try it. it works. it really does.

ok well i’m going to bed now cause i have to be up soon. night all

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