July 5, 2001

july 5, [bbmak, "just another day"] ok well today’s been weird.

it’s 2:30 am and i’m just now getting home. i worked today, it sucked. there’s

this little bitchy thing, her names kirsta, and she thinks she owns the store,

someone needs to slap her and put her in her place, which i did tonight. he’s

only 14, which means she can’t sell beer or smokes, she can’t cook pizza,

she’s too fucking short to reach all of the cooler, she’s useless. and tonight

she was trying to fucking tell me how to do my job, so i just got bitchy back

at her and made her doo all kinds of shit. so yeah. grrr at her. but then

after work was great. i came home and changed and xak was like "i’m bored"

so i went over there and picked him up, then we went off to the loop. we got

there adam wasn’t there yet, so we just hung around, we had gone to java joes

and got drinks and brought them to the loop, well we were walking along and

we had just got to this group of people that were all drinking. well all of

a sudden this firework type thing went off in the street and it went flying

past us, so we turned around to see where it went and there was this cop car

right behind us and that firework thing blew up right in front of the cop

car. well the cops stopped and started yelling at the people for drinking.

and we were like, ummmm, yeah. so we walked the other way, cause our drinks

were in plastic cups and stuff, so yeah. that wasn’t good. but then adam and

julian and other people showed up. we hung out for a while, you know, just

random talking and shit. it was good times, it was nice to see julian again,

i hadn’t seen him in a couple days. so yeah. good times. then on the way home

adam and i were talking, and well there’s been this girl from ankeny e-mailing

me and shit. and she’s been like, well i know adam and yeah. well we were

talking and adam fessed up to knowing about my website and reading it and

shit, so yeah. that’s all cool. but now in the afterthoughts i’m like, well

hmmm. i wonder if reading this had influenced his decisions in any way, but

yeah. other then that it’s all cool. i don’t really mind it. danny read (is

that past tense?) it and he still reads it. so it’s all cool. yeah. all cool.

but then i dropped adam off at his house and we hugged. you know the other

night ryan hugged me, the guy that really liked adam,oh i don’t think i’ce

told that story, well maybe later, but ok, well ryan hiugged me and i turned

around and i’m like, ya know, i’m not a touchy feely person. and yeah, but

adam was standing there, and it wasn’t reallydirected at anyone, but ya know,

random people that i don’t know and don’t really like all that much huggin

me is just a no-no. but i think that comment gave adam the wrong impression.

if i like the person i’ll hug them and shit. but yeah. that’s something else.

and then on my way home i stopped into K&G and talked to nic for a while,

luke rolfes was there, and we talked, it was cool. i mentioned my bo friend

and then i was like, opps i bet luke didn’t know i was gay, so i hope he’s

cool with it, he seemed fine, but yeah, it was like, ok. opps. yeah it was

funny talking to nic, we just bitched about work. it was really funny. ok

well i’m bloody tired, i’m going to bed now. night all.

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