My Life

June 21, 2001

june 21, [bee gees, "night fever"] well it’s 8:00 am and i have

about an hour tell program starts, last night was great. we had tons of people

here, i wasn’t out much so i didn’t get to check people out to see if they

were cute or not, but yeah, lots o people, about 7:00 it started to rain and

ben and i realized we forgot to cover the fires, so we sprinted all the way

to the ampitheater, which is a long way from tent city. we got them covered

and then went and found pete, just to find out if we were still going to have

fire or not cause when it rains we have it in the dinning hall, but wer were

still going to ahve it in the ampitheater, so we told him about the fires

and he was pissed at us about not covering the fires, i mean come on we forgot,

it was an honest mistake, and as soon as we realized we had forgot, we sprinted

all the way there. so fuck him, fuck him in the ear. but yeah, the program

went off without a hitch, the fires were good, the jokes were good, the skits

were good. last night zach was the dancer, he was wearing a thong under his

outfitting and you could see alot of skin, that’s one thing i like about having

to sit in the front row, you can see alot. and damn is zach ever hot, i mean

damn fucking hot. lol. he’s one of the best danceres we have here. and he’s

just oh yeah. but then everyone left for the callout and of course scoutcraft

got stuck putting out fires like always, the entire staff is supposed to stay

to help put them out, but no one ever does, so we have to do it ourselves.

after the fires were out ben and i went to boone, he was dman fucking ass

hyper. we talked about things, i told him i have alot of gay friends, he was

cool with it. ya know if i think about it i know like 12 openly gay people.

yeah, we got back like 10:30 or so and i went to bed. and now here i am, writing

this. yep, well i should be going to get my area ready, even though i stil

have 45 minutes tell people get there.

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