My Life

June 21, 2001

june 21, [bon jovi, "bed of roses"] ok well you remmeber that guy

from eagle bound that i talked about a bit ago, josh, well today he was in

cooking and i swear he spent more time over in my area then he did in the

cooking area, h’s really cute. we talked when ever we could, but of course

i have a class to teach so i couldn’t talk to him too much, he was pretty

much my gopher today, he went and got alot of the stuff that i needed out

of quarter master and other such type stuff, so yeah. he’s cute. today i’ve

been thinking about quiting even more then normal, i had a really bad group

today, and i’m getting pretty worn out with everything as it is, and this

group just didn’t help at all. they had to have been the most uncoroperative

group there was. and plus scott is in a bitchy mood and yeah, it just sucks.

people better show up tonight otherwise i’m gong to be mad. i’m really hopeing

the will cause i don’t want to have to go home and then waste the time trying

to find everyone to get something together so we can go do stuff. ok well

that’s pretty much everything i have so i’m going to go now, i have nothing

to do though, so i’ll pack some shit up for tonight. laters all.

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