June 23, 2001

june 23, [live, "lighting crashes"] well it’s been a weird and

relaxing couple days. eagle bound olympics went great, we had a ton of people

and everything, so that was cool. i about lost my voice though yelling at

everyone. but yeah, i had fun. then i came home and went over to zachs, link

was there, and we watched some really fucked up movie when that was over we

all left. i got up about 7 the next morning cause we had a conference call

with a guy at penn state, after that call i’m not really wanting to go there

all that bad now. so i applied to ISU. yeah, it looks as though i’ll be going

there now, don’t you just love the way i am? one minute it’s one thing the

next it’s something completely different. yeah, i love it. then i just kinda

wasted the day here and shit and lsat night i went out with mandy, angie,

xak and this guy that angie knows named adam, he’s damn cute. hehe, but yeah,

that was great and it really got me thinking, so i said screw it and this

morning i checked my troop out of thier camp site and then turned in my resignation

letter to pete. he didn’t really say anything about it, just that it they

"didn’t want me to go" and yeah, so here i am, unemployed. yep.

i’ve got applications for places, and shit, so yep, we’ll see what happens.

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