My Life

June 20, 2001

june 20, [abba, "take a chance"] well it’s 4:40 we got off early

tonight out of program cause it’s "big brother night" hehe, but

yeah, it’s family night again, we’ll see what happens tonight and such, it’s

been a pretty long day already, i’m ready for bed now, but i have to be at

the ampitheater at like 7:30 or so. ya know there’s so many cute guys up here,

there’s this one guy, he as in eagle bound monday morning, he was helping

out his troop cause he’s almost an eagle and didn’t have anything else, so

he came and helped out, and we were talking and shit there, then tiuesday

night he came through my activity that iwas doing and i flirted with him there,

and he flirted back, and then today at lunch he was so like, watching me everywhere

i went, you see, what we do is we sing a song at every meal and the staff

walks up and down the isles singing along and stuff, well everytime i went

past him he was just like staring at me, now if that’s good or bad, i dunno,

but he’s damn cute, and like 17. and he lives close, west des moines. yeah,

he’s cute. damn cute.

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