My Life

June 17, 2001

june 17, [iggy pop, "i need somebody"] ok well it’s fathers day,

i called my dad, yep i sure did. dfun fun. this morning we checked the little

brats out and got them out of here by 11 then we had a saff meeting and then

we went up and started all over. yeah for that. i’ve had a horrible head ache

and i feel sick all day, it hasn’t been good. everyone’s been asking "are

you all right" and i’ve just been saying yeah, caus ei didn’t want to

let everyone down cause i had alot to do today i had to check in three troops

out of 2 different sites so that was a major pain in the ass cause they were

all at different places at different times, it sucked. well it’s 10:30 and

i’m fucking tired i’m going to take some asprin and go to bed, night all.

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