June 16, 2001

june 16, [third eye blind, ""] ok well last night was great and

so has been today, well it’s been long days both days but they have been good

days. ok well last night bj showed up for some reason and he biked all the

way here from boone, and he was in his biking grea, OMG he’s so damn hot,

oh yeah skin tight shit, bu yeah. ok and then today we checked everyone out

and did tent crew, put up a shit oad of tents and now my back huirts like

hell. then this after noon we checkin the cubs for thier weekend, most of

them brought more for an over night hting then i brought for the entire summer,

it’s relaly funny shit. but yeah, it’s been a pretty good day, i’m going to

leave with ben here soon to go to boone and shit, yeah, good times.

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