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June 15, 2001

june 15, #3 [tonic, "wicked garden"] well it’s 8:45 and i’m back

at camp. it’s been a great day off. i have everything unloaded and stuff.

so yeah. my dad talked to me today, well he tried to, he just came up to me

and said, "anything you want to talk about?" and i said "no"

and he’s like alright and walked off. yep. i also took some time today to

search thier room. i found the book on my dad’s side of the bed, so that means

my mom told him, i found no sign of the letter or the other thing i sent them,

so i don’t know what they did with that. yeah. it’s there somewhere i’m sure.

i also talked to my mom in the campsite, she was like, you know this lighter

fluid we always found in your room works well for starting fires, i finally

know why you always had it. and i was like yeah. and then she went on, yeah

we’ve kept all the stuff that we found in your room all these years. and i

was like, yeah so. and she was like ya know had you told us what it was all

for we would have just given it back to you. and i was like, yeah well you

should have been able to figure out what the lighter fluid was for when you

took my zippos all three of them, and she just looked at me like damn you

and i was like, ok i have to go unpack and stuff, laters. and she was like

ok well i’ll walk back with you and i was like fine. so she followed me back

and we talked about the week and how they had been doing aqns just stuff like

that. so yep, it’s all good. i really wish i could have talked to jules some

more, and i wish i would have seen mandy, but she was no where around,. oh

well hopefully ang will remember and get everyone together to come up here

next thursday night or something. yep, hopefullly. well i have to go to campfire

now, night al.

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