My Life

June 15, 2001

june 15, #2 well todays been pretty cool. i got up about 11;15 or so and

got dressed and went to angies to have lunch, xak, ang, and i went to hardee’s

that was cool then we went to DQ and got ice cream. it was all good. then

i went to wal-mart to get my tire fixed and julian was working so i went to

talk to him. but then he got this big line and some other associate was standing

there, so i went over to the other isle and just wondered around some. but

when i looked up jules was gone, so i went and looked for him at the little

counter thingy, but he wasn’t there, so i just walked around the store, i

didn’t see him again, i was sad, i at least wanted to say bye to him. oh well.

it took them forever to fix my tire i didn’t get out of there tell 3:45 or

so. then i came home and i’m doing my laundry now. i’m going to leave and

go to DM here soon i think. i need to get my glasses fixed and i want to hit

the mall for a bit before i leave, so yeah. i think i’ll go rotate the laundry

and then leave.

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