My Life

June 15, 2001

june 15, well today’s been a long day, it’s 2 am and i’m just getting back

from xak’s. well i guess i should start from this morning right? well it rained

all day, but this was a cool rain, it didn’t ruin anything, so yeah that was

cool. class went fine today, there was this lil cutie in there named nic.

he’s cute as in cute if he were 8 years older i’d date him, lol. but yeah.

today was just great all around, we had our first eagle bound olympics too,

it was the first evening program to not flop, so i was really happy about

that. it went well, after that we had a meeting about me and my pal weekends

which starts this weekend. so i had to go to that, it got out about 10:30

or so, so i left then since my day off started at 10 and goes tell 10 today

i guess it is. then i got home and got on of course so i talked to xak and

ended up going to his house, that was all cool. well i’m going to bed i have

a TON to get done tomorrow, laters all. oh before i go, someone sent me one

of those damn things, it’s quite annoying, so if you know who

that might be just fucking e-mail me and tell me, PLEASE.

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