My Life

June 18, 2001

june 18, [savage garden, "carry on dancing"] well it’s been another

one of those long ass days. it’s only 9:30 or so now, but i’m fucking tired.

it’s just been a normal day in scoutcraft, everyone wants to kill ty cause

he keeps bitching about his foot, he claims he has gang green, but he won’t

go to the nurse or doc so no one can do anything about it, so yeah, he’s just

getting on everyone’s nerves. i can really go for a day offf about now. we

have a new staff memeber, his names chris richards, they call him pasty cause

he’s white as a gohst, but he’s damn cute, he’s only about 16 or so, but i’ve

actually worked with him before and slept in the same tent as him before,

so yeah, i know who he is, but i don’t think he remembers me. well it’s lightening

pretty bad here, so i’m going to go to bed and shut the comp down, goodnight


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