My Life

June 4, 2001

june 4, [sting, "everything she does is magic"] well today has

been quite teh adventure, this morning i got up at 7, that was cool. it’s

really funny that i think getting up at 7 is sleeping in now. we went down

and had breakfast there was only about 10 of us there, then scott and i went

up and cleaned out quartermaster and scoutcraft and stuff. then in the afternoon

rissy and i went and built the call out fires, now since most of you have

never seen them, well they get to be about 10 feet tall and the logs on the

bottom are abour 2 feet in diamiter and 6-8 feet in lengh, well rissy was

on the tractor and i was on the ground tying the chain to the logs, we were

pulling them out of a huge revine. that was not fun, rissy kept trying to

hit me with the damn tractor too, and then on the way back to tha main part

of camp i was riding on the trailer and rissy hit this huge bump and the trailer

came unhooked, it kept going about 20 feet before the damn thing stopped that

was not fun, there’s a large hole in the ground now where it hit, lol. then

tonight i went home. i gave my mom the package, then she got all excited and

i was like, don’t get to excited tell you open it. and she said "well

there’s not much you can surprise us with" and with that i walked out

the door and took her truck and left to get things. i went to wal-mart to

see if i could find julian, but he wasn’t there, so i got sandles instead

cause i needed some. then i went to MHM looking for new shoes to replace the

ones the dog ate. and i saw jeremy there, that was weird. but i got my shoes

so that was all good. and then i went home, got my car and left. i went up

to K&G and called danny it was soo good to hear his voice again. and to

talk to him. but it feels like things have changed between us, it really has,

maybe it’s just that he’s so excitied about prom and stuff. oh well. then

i came back here. and here i am. just writing this, it’s 10:59 i should be

going to bed cause we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow. night all.

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