My Life

June 5, 2001

june 5, [bee gee’s, "alone"] well today’s been one of those sucky

days. it rained all morning, and i mean rained. the thunder kept me up most

of the night. this morning scott and i went up to his cabin and worked on

paper work, we got everything done for all the merit badges, but we diudn’t

get to my stuff, the eagle bound stuff. so i’m working on that now. this afternoon

we worked in scoutcraft and such getting tents and dinning flys put up, we

also got the model campsite set up, so far everyone that’s seen it has said

it’s the best model campsite they’ve seen in years up here. so that’s cool.

tonight’s cook out night, and because of the weather and there only being

15 people up here, pete took everyone out to supper in boone, that was really

cool. angie’s got me eating ranch dressing with everything now and everyone

looked at me weird cause i was always ordering it with stuff xtra, it was

funny shit. i think we got hit by lightening last night cause my monitor is

acting wacko, so that’s annoying shit. but it seems to be better now. i should

really get to work on this stuff. laters.

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