My Life

June 3, 2001

june 3, [bee gee’s, "immorality"] well today was a long ass day,

it’s 4:30 and i’m so fucking exhasted. this is the first time i’ve been back

to my tent since 6:30 this morning. we’ve been out doing tent crew all morning

and all afternoon and the last 2 hours we’ve been doing youth pertection.

yucky. tent crew’s alot of fun, but it’s a damn lot of work, we put up about

100 tents today and we’ve got alot more to do later. and then every week we

have to go through and move them and get the right number in each campsite.

today’s activities are over though, so i’ve got the rest of the night to ust

hang out and stuff. i’m going tohead into boone here sometime and get some

stuff, but i don’t know when that will be i have to clear it with pete first.

i also had to kick my roomie out, they finally realized that he was 2 years

younger then me, and that’s not allowed in the scouts. so yeah. oh last night,

OMG arron, the lakefront director was in the bathroom and i walked in to use

it, and there he was standning in his boxers (he just got done with a shower)

and omg, he’s so fucking hot. lol, but speaking of that, when i told my roomie

that we couldn’t tent together he was like "well that’s bull, i know

you’re a str8 guy" and i just wanted to crack up laughing i was like,

omg have you ever judged me wrong. lol. oh well, other then that shit not

much going on today. laters.

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