May 23, 2001

may 23, [quincy freak, "funky noise"] tonight was just awsome,

we i left here like 3 somethihng and went to xaks where we waited for mandy

and julian to show up, then we went and got angie, and then wanered round

ankeny. then we decided to go on a road trip, so yeah we tried going to sulfur

springs or something like that, but we never made it. it was totally cool

though. good times. we never made it to that place, but we went to carroll

and saw my grandma and went to wal mart, cute guys, hehe, but yeah, it was

soo cool. people are coming over for lunch today, i’m going to cook tacos.

yeah. it’s going to be good. i should be going cause i should like clean some,

cause yeah, my familys a bunch of pig. oh but before i go, yeah ya know i

talked about having feelings for someone in the group up there some where.

well since i know they know who they are, yeah. tonight it was just like,

cool. but it was just there, but he talked about it some, which made me kinda

sad. so yeah. i’m taken already any how, and all that shit. so ok i feel really

stupid now. i’m going to shut up.

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