My Life

April 29, 2001

april 29, so it’s 9:21 am and i’ve been up for about 30 minutes already.

yesterday actually turned out to be a very wonderfull day. about 10 minutes

after i wrote that, danny got on, and we talked on here for a bit bout stuff.

and then i called him at 11, and we talked for 5 and a half hours. i was so

happy, i really didn’t want to hang up i wanted to just keep talking to him

all night, but i knew that my dad would be really pissed about this phone

bill cause i think that makes like 6 hours or so this month. oh well screw

what he thinks. on a different topic. i feel much better this morning, my

nose is still all clogged up, but i can talk so that’s good. lol. it’s already

77 here, todays going to be one hell of a hot day. i really hope this isn’t

a sign for what we have in store for the summer. ok i’m going to go see if

i can find anything at the g-store, i have a craving for potatos and eggs.

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