My Life

April 28, 2001

april 28, #3, so i’m sitting here, i feel like crap at the moment, i’m all

stuffed up and sick and shit. and it just sucks. but that’s not why i’m writing

this. i’m thinking about danny, and school and all that stuff. i mean, it’s

been like 3 days now i think since danny and i last talked. i’m really sad

about that. you might have notced that i’m not talking much about him lately,

like i used to, cause i’m trying not to focus on him so much. it’s going to

be really hard this summer, cause i mean i’m going to be at camp and stuff

like all week long and then i’ll come home, do my laundry and then be so exhausted

i’ll just want to go to bed, so i mean we’re not going to get much time to

talk or anything during the summer, and it just sucks. i wanna be able to

talk to him, i wanna be able to go to bed and hold him close at night, i wanna

be able to wake up and see his cute face next to me. i wanna be able to kiss

him on the lips, i wanna be able to hold his hand and be able to go out together.

i wanna be able to sit at dinner with him across from me and just watch him

eat. i just want out of here, but i don’t want to go home for the summer,

i want to be somewhere else.

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