My Life

April 29, 2001

april 29 #2. can’t i just fucking shoot my roomie? so i left here about 4

or so, and went to the tc. i took my keys and my card and my shoes, so you

could easily tell that i was leaving for a long amount of time, well like

5 minutes after i get to the tc, i see my damn roomie walking by. i didn’t

really think anything about it. but now an hour and a hlaf later i come back

to the door, ro find my roomie still gone and the door standing WIDE open,

it’s been 20 minutes now since i got back and he’s still not here. so they

dumbfuck left the door standing wide open, and this isn’t the first time he’s

done this, like last night. i was in bed, granted i was still on the phone,

but i was in bed, and he came in, left the door standing wide open and went

to bed. didn’t even bother shutting it, and since i was in bed i wasn’t going

to get down, so i just left it. it stood open all night long. it was still

open when i got up this morning. i’m really sick and i’m all out of drugs.

i need more drugs.

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