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April 30, 2001

april 30, i’m glad this is the last day of the month, this journal was getting

a bit to big, it’s up to 92K now. lol. but ya know what i really, really love

about spring and summer, it’s that time right before and right after a big

thunderstorm, you know the air just has that smell to it, i love that smell.

and right after a thunderstorm, everything just smells so rejuvinated and

fresh. yeah, i love it. it could rain everyday and i wouldn’t mind. last night

i learned that Win2k doesn’t BSOD. it just reboots. cause after 17 and a half

days of uptime, last night i was watching tv, and i went to put it into fullscreen

mode. and the computer just went, <BEEP> and rebooted. the damn thing.

so it’s now been up for 10 hours. still it’s damn better then WinME, but not

anywhere near as good as Linux. oh well. i also learned that julian likes

sex so quote him "I know who I am; I like sex" roflol, the things

people tell you when you have an away message up, lol. umm, not that much

else going on yet today. it’s only 6:46 am. i’ve been up for 36 Minutes already

and i’m dressed and ready for the day. only one week of classes left, and

then it’s finals week. yay for that.

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