My Life

April 27, 2001

april 27, so i’ve been informed that iomega will actually replace my zip

drive, that would be cool. now i just gotta find the damn number, lol. i actually

still have the box that the drive came in. so that’s good. i guess. i got

the program fixed though, and i even finxed somethings that weren’t working

with the earlier one, so we came out ahead on this one. it’s all good. it’s

about 6:30 and it’s already in the 60’s here. it’s supposed to get to about

82 today, so that’ll be cool. i hope this isn’t a sign though that were in

for a really hot summer, cause ya know i’ll be out in this weather all summer

long, and i don’t get any A/C 🙁 oh well, Thomas Lodge usually stays pretty

cool during the day. that is as long as no one does thier laundry during the

day. we actually had a rule last summer that you could only do your luandry

between 7pm and 8 am. it worked out pretty good, you usually had to wait a

bit for a washer (cause 50 people trying to do thier laundry in one washer

and one dryer doesn’t work all that great) but nothing to bad.

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