My Life

April 27, 2001

april 27, #2. OMG, so there’s this guy here at school and he’s been getting

all the XY’s for like the last 5 years that they have been out, and i’ve been

wanting to get them all, but it would have cost me like $160 to get them all.

well he was just like, do you want these, cause i don’t have anywhere to keep

them and i was like OMG, HELL YEAH, so i just got this HUGE pile of XY’s,

now i’m going to have to find somewhere to hide them, but that shouldn’t be

that hard. on a totally differnet topic OWEN SHOULD DIE! >:o DIE, ASTRACHEN!

DIE! for those of you that don’t know owen, he writes the CS AP A, AB exams,

and NP is working on them and they can’t get the programs that he wrote to

compile, YET AGAIN, and neither can i. so i’m just relaly piseed at him.

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