My Life

April 28, 2001

april 28, wow it’s almost 5 and i haven’t updated this yet today, i must

be slipping. so i got up this morning about 7 or so, and the roomie was already

up. i was amazed and then he left about 8 or so and hasn’t been back, which

is all cool and stuff. then i went and did my laundry, and they washer decided

it didn’t need to drain the water after it was done, so all my jeans were

still soaking wet. so i rung them out as much as i could and put them in the

dryer and then i went to Mickey D’s and got breakfast, it was sooo good. i

hadn’t had Mickey D’s in so long. and then i came back and did some shit and

stuff and then i went and got my laundry and of course the dryer didn’t get

my jeans dry so i have them hanging alll over the room. lol. other then that

nothing much has happened today. i met this guy online from malaysia he was

pretty cool to talk to. he kept asking me what things meant cause he didn’t

speak much english, but he was cute, lol. and that gets us up to now. i’m

going to go read some more XY’s i have alot to read.

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