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April 26, 2001

april 26, #3. so my zip drive developed the click of death today. yeah, i’m

not to happy about that, since i kept all my school work on my zip drive and

yeah that HUGE program i’ve been working on was on there. i recovered most

of it from a backup but i have alot to do to recreate what we had done. this

also really sucks cause now i have to buy a new zip drive. oh well, it was

about time, this one’s like 4 years old or something. lol. i think i’ll get

one of the new 250 USB ones, or i wonder if they’re coming out with firewire

zips, that would be really cool. they fixed the click of death in the new

250’s, i hope, lol. but ya know now’s a good time for it to happen though,

cause Iomega’s giving out discounts to people’s whose drives have crashed

due to the click of death. i think it’s like $50 or something, so that should

really help. but i’ve gotta get back to this program now, cause yeah, it’s


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