My Life

April 26, 2001

april 26, #2. oh, hehe. it’s stats day. WEE. by the time i’m done writing

this my computer will have been up for 14 days, sent 1,003,357 packets. received

936,959 packets. I’ve received 9,261 e-mails taking, 191 megs of disk space.

my current drive usage is: C: 12.8 Gigs; D: 1.74 Gigs; E: 1.22 Gigs; F: 3.47

Gigs. since 3/28/2001 my website has had 1343 hits, of which 263 were unique, fun huh? it’s really warm here, they were saying it’s going to get

into the 70’s today wihich is really cool cause yeah, i like warm weather,

as long as it’s not like really really hot. but the heat doesn’t really bother

you that much, it’s the humidity, ewww. not much to say, so i’m going to go

work some more.

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