My Life

April 4, 2001

pril 4, so if you haven’t noticed i completely redid the colors and shit

on the entire site, yeah i’m liking it so far. it’s cool. thanks to julian,

who i borrowed the css code from. and thanks to some other guy for the code

for the cool dhtml thing on the front page, i really like that, lol. well

today’s danny’s 18th b-day, yay, lol. everyone has to bug his cause he’s old

now, lol. hope he’s haveing a good day. it’s been pretty good here do far.

last night i came out to sherry, my roomie’s ex. yeah, she knew, i think everyone

should know, it’s really not that hard to tell, at least i don’t think it

is, lol. oh well, she knows, she’s cool with it, yeah. lol. really not much

going on here, i’ve been putting the finishing touches on my site, everything

is now in layers and i got rid of all the frames, so that’s good, and i got

all the pages that i wanted changed over to the new color scheme, i didn’t

realize it when i started, but the font color’s alot like vero’s

but it’s all cool. yeah. i dunno how long i’ll keep it like this, probably

tell the next mood change, lol. oh well, i’m going to go see what else i can

add to my page, laters.

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