April 3, 2001

April 3, so today in government class we were debating abortion, you know

it’s really hard to debate and my position without just coming out and saying,

damnit, i don’t care cause ya know i’m fucking gay and i’m never going to

have to deal with it, i personally don’t agree with abortion but i think that

if a woman wants an abortion they they should be allowed to have one. i don’t

think that the government should be getting into that, but they just keep

on bothering me about it and shit. and yeah, so there. on to other things.

i happened to end up sitting next to j this morning, but i didn’t get a chance

to talk to him cause he had a some people with him. i didn’t get to talk to

danny yesterday either, he didn’t get on tell like 11, i was in bed already,

so yeah again, lol. damnit jabber’s not working 🙁 I’m bored.

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