My Life

April 4, 2001

April 4, #2. so now that i’ve finished with my page, i’m damn bored, i’m

contemplating burning all my mp3’s to cd, but that would require me to restart

into 98 and i don’t want to do that cause my computer has been up for 3 days,

2 hours, 47 minutes, and 57 seconds, that’s like a major record for my computer,

I’m even more surprosed that it’s lived trough this cause of all the graphics

and webstuff i do, with 98 and ME my computer crashed like every five minutes

when i was working on web crap, but now, it had no problem, yay for win2k

server. oh speaking of that shit, they upgraded or switch and connection today,

we went froma 4Mbps to 6Mbps out side connection, so that’s all good, but

they are going to be changing over to ATM yucky. me no likes that, lol. oh

well, i’ll be gone before they get that done. yeah, it’s all good. i’m thinking

i might go and orginize my mp3’s so that way when i do burn them all i have

to do is copy the folders over, yeah, i think i’ll go do that, laters.

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