My Life

April 5, 2001

April 5, so yeah, i never did get that done, they mp3 thing, after i wrote

that i kinda wondered off and did nothing. i don’t have my first class today,

so that’s ok i guess. i needed the time to work on a group project we have

in there, cause it’s due on the 17, but i guess that won’t be getting done,

eh. oh well. so yeah, j just signed in. i haven’t talked to him yet, i swear

i really was this morning i even went to the computer lab early this morning

so we would end up next to each other, but yeah, some bastard took the computer

next to me, and he fucking fell asleep and was snoring really really fucking

loud, it wasn’t pretty. damnit. i would have much rather sat next to j, but

i guess that’s just how things work eh. i’m wierd aren’t i? lol. oh well.

I’m really liking this css thing, i don’t remember if i babbled about it but

in case you hadn’t noticed the cool scroll bar things, i think it looks kinda

girlish, the colors that is, but i like it, so i’m going to keep it for a

while, at least untill i get the urge to redo everything again. oh last night

was really fucked up. i went to bed at like 10 or something, and someone called

here like really late, and i remember thinking to myself "it’s like 2am

who the fuck would be calling this late" so i didn’t answer it, well

i got up this morning and since no one answered it the fax machine got it

and siad it came in at 11, i was like wtf, it had to have been later then

that. damnit. but yeah, my head was just all messed up like that, i dunno,

i thought it was interesting. oh i got to talk to danny last night though,

only for a little bit 🙁 but it was good. i bet it was him that called that

late, hmm. man it’s really early. and look there’s danny, laters.

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