My Life

March 25, 2001

march 25. alright my econ prof has totaly lost it, first he’s

giving us a test on stuff that we’ve already had a test on. he claims that

chapter 4 wasn’t on the last test, but it was. and he won’t go back and look

at it. second he gave us this practire test and one of the questions is “according

to figure 7 … an increase in …” first there is no fucking figure

7, there’s figure 7.1, 7.2, 7.3. and they all deal with increases in different

things. wacko path. umm yeah other then that it’s been pretty boring here,

normal sunday shit. i felt like crap last night. i was just like really depresed

and shit. i don’t know. it was odd. i have other stuff to babble about, but

i don’t want to.

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