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March 24, 2001

march 24. it’s to damn fucking early to be up. I’ve been so

exhausted lately, but yet i can’t sleep. i went to bed at like 10:30 last

night but didn’t get to sleep tell after 12 and then i woke up at 5 and couldn’t

get back to sleep. so yeah. it sucks. julian put up some great pics everyone must go look at them. i was laughing to hard,

lol. i was temped to go home this weekend and get some pics to scan in but

i didn’t. i don’t even know why i was temped i was just like, i should go

get some pics to scan in and such, but as youc an tell i didn’t lol. well it’s still early so not much going on here. i’m doing my laundry it’s in the

dryer now, lol. i’ll have to go get that soon. people better not steal my

clothes this time, damnit. i want my boxers back. bastard people. I’m back,

so no one stole my clothes, yay for that. but i’ve also been doing some research

on nathan, so i found that he was still going to JMS last year and got into

some honor bands, he would be in 9th grade this year at JHS but i haven’t

found anything to confirm that, i did though look up the last known phone

numbers i had for him and it shows that they still live at that address. i

also got danny to look up his aol account info and it appears that he still

has that so i went and got the aim names accociated with that account, none

of them have been on yet. i also went back trough my e-mails all 8398 of them.

i have one from each of his parents, the lastest one dated 12.20.99 so i went

back trough and looked up his parents aol accounts and the aim names accoiated

with them, his mom is currently on. i haven’t talked to her yet though. i

also found that i sent an e-mail to nathan on 1.21.01, but the last message

recieved from him was 5.24.99. i also found an old website that nathan made.

but it hasn’t been updated in well who knows how long, but a really long time.

damnit, why does it seem this always happens

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