Feb 12, 2001

so my mom called late, i mean really late last night,

it was odd. she babbled at me about all kinds of stuff, i don’t really remember

what most of it was. o well. must not have been to important. i should be

doing that hw yet. i started reading it then got off on this thing of looking

for apartments and such in various places. apartments are fucking expensive

even in des moines and such. i need a job so bad. but i’m just not wanting

to get one, not here. not now. i could easially hold one down and still get

my hw and shit done on time. but i just don’t want one, not in this town cause

everything is fast food work and shit. and i really don’t want to do that

again. ycuky. and with gas prices they way they are now it’s not cost effective

to drive all the way to sioux falls to get a job. not at all. for some reason

lately i’ve been really tired, i’ve been getting enough sleep, and not to

much. so i don’t know what it is. i broke my toothbrush somehow this morning.

i was brushing my teeth and then all of a sudden half of it just snapped,

it was nuts. so i had to dig out my camping toothbruch tell i get a chance

to go buy a new one, lol. it was odd. i applied to a nother college the other

day, i don’t remember if i mentioned that or not. but the sad thing is that

i won’t hear from them tell april sometime, but i have to tell UNL for sure

if i’m going ot go there or not by march 30, so yeah, i don’t know how that

will work. i would rather not go to unl, it’s kinda a back up for if i don’t

get into anywhere else. but yeah. if worse comes to worse i can always go

to DMACC or ISU i guess. i really don’t want to cause then i would have to

live with my PU’s yucky. 🙁 Q102 is

really cool. they have good music. lol. so i talked to the high adventure

program director the other day from that job offer in philly i got. yeah,

sounds pretty cool. i should be getting a phone call sometime this week to

do an interview. that’s one thing i talked to my mom about last night. i was

like, so if i get this job out there, your cool with me going out there to

work, and she was like, well i don’t know i haven’t talked to your dad about

it. arg. i really want to go work out there, and not just cause danny is out

there, it’s the first fucknig ever boy scout camp, it would be so cool to

work there. it was started in 1912. it would be so fucking cool to work out

there. and plus it would get me out of the state for the summer and shit.

i want out, now, out of everything. damnit.

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