Feb 13, 2001

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE mad dowloads. hehe, 27 new

songs in an hour which i spretty damn good considering we *don’t* have napster

access here. 🙂 but yeah, bastar ass courts, we had a test today in american

government and one of the questions was in explain one thing you think the

government has screwed up on or should keep out of and the internet was my

topic and it was cool, i wrote like a page about napster and multi region

DVD’s and stuff, lol, it was sooooo cool. but yeah, other then that not much

here yet today, i just thought i would write some shit down cause i’m out

of ideas for songs to download, i wanted to get a bunch of heather small songs.

but i can’t find them anywhere, there’s like two or three people that might

have each song, but i can’t ge them from them cause i get like .03 k/s, EWWWWW.

but yeah, oh, agian i ask why the hell a damn person with a PHD in history

is teaching VB? he started babbling about OOP today, and i know what it is,

and i know how it works and all that shit. well by the end of class he had

me so fucking confused. idiot. and the other day we had this test and he said

“9% of the people in class failed it” and he said that was good.

so if that’s good, then there must be something wrong with his teaching and/or

his tests. and i will say that some of the questions were trick questions.

if i hadn’t gone back and checked my answeres i would have missed alot of

points, but i didn’t 🙂 ok off to download some more songs.

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