Feb 11, 2001

so yeah, should be doing hw yet, i actually got it out,

and put up an away message, then i was like, hmm, maybe i’ll update my page

some, lol. so here i am updateing my page. so i realized something bout myself

last night, and i didn’t like it. not at all. nope. well it was really messed

up ast night. so i was in bed, and the phone rang, and it was some drunk jerk,

he got the wrong number, so i just hung up on him, cause he was totally incomprehensive.

so then just after i hung up the phone rang again. it was danny, doing his

thing, where he calls and doesn’t talk. so i looked he was signed in so i

went and started talking to him. but yeah, somehow him and julian started

talking. it was just freaky. ok so this makes no sense, i’m going to go do

hw, maybe i’ll fix it later. so yeah, it’s like 1 or so and i’ve been up since

10. i haven’t gotten any hw done, i got the books out, but that’s all. i did

get my webcam working again :-P. someone should be happy, lol. but i’ve been

thinking again, and maybe it’s just me, but it’s odd. yeah, i just feel like

i know nothing about danny, i know alot about him, but i feel like i know

nothing. it’s odd, maybe it’s just me. salads are good. so yeah, instead of

doing my hw like i should have, i got an urge to clean shit out, i get these

everyonce in a while, you know, just start trowing all your old shit away.

well i found my 2000 yearbook and sat down looking trough it. it’s so depresing.

i hated hs, it was really depressing. and now when i look back at it it’s

even more depressing. i hated hs.

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