Feb 10, 2001

yeah so i should be doing HW now. but i just don’t have

the motivation to do it, lol. i really haven’t got shit done today. it’s been

a crappy ass day. i watched qaf the first two shows today. everytime i watch

it i see more of it, you know realise more. it’s like WOW, i haven’t seen

that before, lol. it gets funnier everytime i watch it to, lol. haven’t seen

danny yet today, and it’s getting kinda late. we talked for a couple minutes

last night, he was on a payphone, getting chinese food again. i had this craving

the other day for chinese food, and then like 5 minutes later he called and

was like i’m going to get chinese tonight, i was like, WTF, lol, it was cool.

so yeah, Hw, maybe i’ll get to it yet tonight, i dunno. i’m tired.

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