My Life

Feb 8, 2001

so it’s been a long day. last night was

really good though i talked to danny for like 3 hours, 3 and a half i dunno,

it was long, but really nice. i love talking to him, he’s got the cutetest

voice, lol. i just wanna kiss him everytime he talks, lol. but yeah, it was

cool. we talked tell well after midnight and then i just layed there in bed

thinking. bout him, bout what we talked about, it was some pretty cool stuff,

lol. but i can’t imagine myself at 60 and still listening to the same type

of music that we currently listen too, lol. but yeah, i’m so fucking tired,

i got maybe 3 hours of sleep, which isn’t much for me considering i ususally

get a full 6 hours min. lol. what a dork i know, but you don’t want to know

me if i don’t get enough sleep. lol. i can get reallly pissy, very easily.

lol. it’s snowing here again, damn snow, we’ve got like 8 inches in the last

couple days and it’s supposed to keep snowing all day today and trough tomorrow.

yucky. i think i should take a nap, but then my thought process

will get fucked up. you know, you take a nap in the middle of the day. and

then when you wake up it’s like is this morning of the next day or night of

the same day. andi just get really messed. i’m to tired to explain it. i wish

i could go to philly so bad. i really do.

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