My Life

Jan 29, 2001

it’s snowing again, it’s been raining all morning and

now it’s snowing, yeah, rain and snow. great weather conditions, we’re suposed

to get lik 13 inches tonight, yippy fun. well not much has been happening

today, or really yesterday for that matter. it’s monday, nothing ever happens

on mondays. or weds, or fridays, cause i only have one class those days, but

i guess it’s all good, i have lots of free time, i should get a job ya know,

but there’s nothing good in this town, it’s all c-store work. and i’ve done

more then my fair share of it. you would think that a college that’s ranked

#9 in the counrty as one of th most wired would have higher tech companies

in close range, but no it’s all in SF an hour away, and the cost of driving there doesn’t really help to get a job there. cause it’s 55 miles there and

55 miles back. and at 80-85 miles an hour, that burns alor of gas. and with

the prices they are round here at 1.60 and up, it can really put a hole in

your pocket. o well, i think i can make it tell like summer before i HAVE

to get a job. i still haven’t herad anything back from that offer in philly,

i would really love to get it. that’s the first scout camp in the nation.

it would be tons of fun to work there. but then chris k. my moss from last

summer has been bothering me to come work there all summer this year. but

the thing is is that pete is the camp director and he’s a total ass. alot

of the employees that worked for him last year WON’T go back to work for him.

they even went so far as to send me an app without asking me, i’m sure kaye

told them to, but still. i really don’t want to work in Iowa this summer,

i don’t want to live in iowa or the midwest this summer, i just want out of

this part of the country. i was going to do accouting today, but then i started

reading it and got bored, so maybe i’ll do it tomorrow just before i go to

class. lol. hope it’s not to hard. FUCK, the power just went off, i hope that

doesn’t keep up. hehe, luckly i have battery backup, but that means that theservers

are all down now, cause they don’t. the dumb fuckers. again you would think

that the #9 most wired college would have batteries on thier servers. o well

guess they don’t. i’ll have to wait a bit now to get this posted. i’ve been

really tired lately. i don’t know what’sup. i’ve been getting enough sleep,

and not too much. hmm, o well. it will go away, that’s my theory. lol. i’m

going to shut down for bit, the power keeps going in and out. i’ll upload

this once i getback.

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