My Life

Dec 13, 2000

Dec 13. Wed, ha;lf way trough the week. ahhhhh, finals are next

week, i don’t like that. i’m really not looking forward to going home for

the holidays. really not looking forward to it at all. i want to go out to

philly and spend the time with danny, hehe. but i’ll have to go home, family

annoys me at times. o well. kim called me today, really freaked me out. hehe,

it was funny. well i’ll done with course work, all i have mleft now is finals.

finals, finals. ARG. i only have one week left here, this semester, then i’m

home for 18 days, i don’t know if i can stand 18 days at home, i really don’t

think i can. i don’t know what i’m going to do this summer when i’m home the

WHOLE bloody summer. o well. I’m going to miss everyone sooooo much over christmas,

specially danny. really going to miss danny. i love him. telephones are annyoing.

they really are. o well i don’t really have much to bitch about today, so

i’m just going to go off and wonder round, there’s really nothing to wonder

round for here, but i’ll go do something i guess, lol. bubye

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