My Life

Dec 14, 2000

Dec 14. my god i’m keeping this updated quite well i’m happy

for myself, hehe. well hey todays been pretty cool. i got a job offer to work

at out of council camps, but the best part is that one of the councils is

the cradle of liberity council in philly. that would be soo cool. but yeah

i don;t know if i want to do that though, it would be kinda odd working out

there at a scout camp i think, but it would be fun, i’be been wanting to work

out of council this summer. huh. i don’t know what i’ll do, well see what

the info they send me says. but yeah other then that today has been pretty

boring like normal. yeah. all that shit. nothings going on rounf here, i need

to go get a job for next semester too yeah. well i’m done for now. i yeah,

quite hours are 24/7 over finals week that’s going to suck.

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